Our Real Stories

Our secrets, habits, and skeletons, If only people knew our whole story.

If I did not have children I would leave my marriage

How many people have you had intercourse with

When do you watch porn

How often do you masturbate?

How far has a masseuse or masseur gone while giving you a professional massage

I have lied to a lover about how big previous lovers cock's were

I swallow

Sex is important to me and critical to my happiness

I do not get as much sex as I would like to

I am messing around behind my lover's back

Rate your sex life

What the f@ck really happens on girls night out?

Guys, when naked in a locker room ...

Sexual history, Does your S/A know your count?

Buying panties, ever try them on first?

Been to a clothing optional resort like Hedonism?

(orgasms) how often to you fake them?

My thoughts & fantasies are naughtier than people whoi know me would think...

Ever get arroused during a medical exam?

(cheating) I've hooked up while on trip away from s/o

How lonely are you 1 to 10 ?