Our Real Stories

Our secrets, habits, and skeletons, If only people knew our whole story.

If I did not have children I would leave my marriage

How many people have you had intercourse with

on a work trip or girl's or guy's vacation I made out with or more with someone and my significant other doesn't know

My thoughts and fantasies are more horny and dirty than friends and family or anyone who knows me would think

When do you watch porn

I am a guy and when in a locker room or other situation where other men might see me naked I...

How often do you masturbate?

How far has a masseuse or masseur gone while giving you a professional massage

Ladies how often do you fake orgasms

Ladies who are married or in a committed relationship, What is it that really happens on your girls' night outs

How satisfied are you with your sex life from ONE go TEN, one being completely unsatisfied and TEN being as satisfied as you could possible

I have lied to a lover about how big previous lovers cock's were

I have lied to a lover about how many people i have slept with - downplayed my sexual history

I swallow

Sex is important to me and critical to my happiness

I do not get as much sex as I would like to

I am messing around behind my lover's back