Forbidden Desires

The nasty things we really wish to do and crave and secretly lust for

I am married and faithful but secretly crave some variety

Have you ever had a rape fantasy

How horny are you right this second

Who have you fantasized about the most

I would fuck a hot stranger tonight if I could

Do you like watching a guy jack off

right now I wish my hand was on a hot stranger's ...

Masturbating, I think about people other than my significant other...

Masturbating, ever think about a family member?

(masturbation) ever thought about your sister?

(masturbation) ever thought about your brother?

(ladies) would you rather have tongue or cock right now?

Tell us the real truth ladies - in a perfect world what size do you prefer your man to be?

In general larger dicks more likely to make me come

Favorite type of porn

Grooming, how do you prefer them?


how much do you like giving oral 1 to 10

Masturbation, Fingering my own bum ...

Preferred Masturbation visual...

Ladies, how often do your reach orgasm

Which of these is most important regarding a lover ...

What about receiving rim jobs?

What about giving rim jobs?

Anal fetish?