About NaughtyPolls.com

A welcome to poll takers - brief instructions - about the site.

I am intrigued by what people actually think and do (when not judged - if the "real" truth be known).

Reading blogs is a great way to catch a glimpse of people's truth - it''s what makes blogs great.

But, most do not create an online blog and share their most honest, intimate truths; even us who do, we are not totally anonymous and have boundaries. I doubt there's any blogger on earth that shares every single truth - is 100% "honest." Let's face it, the most open and honest among us are constrained by what society and culture will tolerate - let alone our friends and families if they happen upon our blogs.

I have created this anonymous poll site in search of true answers and honest statistics regarding some of the more sensitive topics and aspects of our lives.  I originally introduced the project on The Sinner Saint Diary blog.

If you are curious about people's true opinions and the actual reality of people's lives, I ask you to enjoy NaughtyPolls.com  - AND - help in the effort to get the site off the ground. What will become more and more interesting as poll votes come in. I could kick start the site by injecting a bunch of fake answers and participation stats - like most every other poll-type site does - but that would defeat the purpose.

I've put a lot of thought into fashioning this project in a way that we'd get real, honest, true results. You will see that the vote counts build gradually - real respondents not (fake data). Also, you'll notice there are no advertisements or popup marketing nags.

You will notice on most poll sites (which are boring anyway because they don't dare to get naughty).. in addition to slow loading pages and tons of advertisements, you will notice that they ask you identifying information before you start participating - this is so they can correlate your answers with their advertisements, or sell your id info along with correlated answers to businesses etc.

Naughtypolls.com does not have this model. Hell yea It would be great (miraculous, a freaking godsend) if I ever made money on the site, BUT, if that were to happen it would not involve infringing on privacy. How do you know? Naughtypolls.com does not ask for your email, your name, or any other personally identifying information. The site uses IP address so that voters do not have to provide their email or any other identifying info in order to keep track of what polls you have answered and to prevent a voter from voting more than once on the same poll. Also, the site needs to remember people's gender = (poll results are tabulated by gender).

So, if you too are interested in knowing what people really think and do - and want to discover the true answers to questions society frowns upon us asking - let alone answering, I welcome you to naughtypolls.com - I encourage you to answer as many polls as possible.

Instructions: When you go to answer your first question - you will be asked your gender and then returned to the question you were about to answer. This is because all poll results are broken down by gender.

Thank you all for helping me get this idea off the ground. I welcome any suggestions you might have regarding the website or questions you wish to see added.

If you like the site - please help spread the word  - links, shouts, tweets, reviews, tumbles - I'll be so grateful for any - I'll owe you  some oral or be Godfather to your first born, or watch your cat while you visit Russia on vacation.

Thank you